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How it Works

There are two sides to Buster Games. Your Clubs Fundraising & Your Players Enjoyment. Buster Games are easy to understand and join. Your club receives £5 per entry, players can have multiple entries. Create your BUSTER in 10 minutes here online, your game is unique to your club, its a free fundraising tool for your club. Get started by creating your own “Buster Game“, invite players by sending the link. Once your players have joined the games update automatically and your new fundraising starts.. the finer details

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Key Features

Setup in 5 minutes, fast and easy, players can join 24hrs a day, players can join during games, funds grow as players join, all football goals and scores update daily automatically, player positions are displayed in your game league table. You set your prize.

Awesome Interface

Your dashboard interface is clear and easy to manage.

User Friendly

Easy to join game, with clear links and monthly subscription.

Connect with People

Send out your game link to your community.


Players get automated contact to keep them engaged.

Daily Updates

Your game is automatically updated using certified football results.


Email technical support via ticket.

Revenue Growth

Your clubs revenue grows with player participation.


Your dashboard gives you full control.

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Sharing Community

As fundraisers, we know that sharing great and free ideas is the very bedrock of raising money. Having a sense of community and tackling “thankless tasks” is how we’ve come to help keep grassroots sports clubs running year on year. So, tell your counterparts about and keep it FREE forever!

Quick SetUp

We understand that you have been tallying up player names, contact details, WhatsApp groups and who has paid etc. YES, we get it, its a pain, especially when it comes to chasing players that just need an extra nudge each time to settle their outstanding balance. WELL, have no fear FootballBuster is here. Create your game, send the game link via email, WhatsApp, SMS and TAKE BACK CONTROL of your life!

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No Downloads Necessary

What is FootballBuster? Technology Direct Limited (TDL) provides an online software platform, for charitable, not for profit, and good cause organisations. This platform allows those organisations to raise vital funds to cover costs and raise money to fund good causes. TDL does not promote, manage or market the individual buster games, that’s up to the private organisation themselves. The FootballBuster platform is an empowerment tool. Your BUSTER game is available for Android, Iphone and Windows Phones, PC and Tablets as they are responsive to each device. Add players young and old, and allow them instant access. Create your game and send the link to potential players via a WhatsApp Group. Fast & Simple.

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