fundraising ideas

Managing your buster game and funds raised is a breeze!

Starting anything new can take some getting used to. But have no fear, in 10 minutes you will have created your first ever buster game... FREE! Once you've added a club badge so that your associates know they are in the right place when they visit, you can add a game prize. (you can edit this as often as you like, so that the prize can grow with participation). Your good to go, and send the link to you community of players, officials, members and friends. Join the game yourself via the JOIN link on the game page, so that they get the idea. Send them the video and FAQs link if you like. As your players join they are displayed in the league ready for the daily goals update by the FB system. All your funds are tracked in the dashboard charts and tables, and you can see the progress of the game in the progress bar. Once you've completed your first game, start another with one click.