fundraising online

Fundraising for the 21st Century — Technology & Grassroots come together at last!

When we started FootballBuster we wanted to create an online fundraising tool that could be used by everyone who had access to the internet. The FootballBuster games have global appeal because, lets face it, fundraising is a vital global tool of organisations that stand for good causes.

Whether thats a grassroots or amatuer football club, a ladies hockey team, a fun run group, a veterans charity, a disability endurance outfit, or a male voice choir... fundraising is a vital part of their survival.

However, FootballBuster is different, because it does the heavy lifting for you, even while your asleep. Its foundations are based firmly in technology and through its unique features all participants can engage with ease.

It stands for "helping the global community" to provide better resources, higher quality kits, better equipment, improved access, high level playing surfaces, care and support, and most of all, keeping it fun to use.

The Goal of FootballBuster is to raise over a £1Billion for needy organisations, help us achieve this goal by helping yourselves and your organisation to reach your true potential. Get started Today!  (not ready yet? learn more )