How to get 100 players

We found out recently how a club using Football Buster to raise funds each month, were having so much success recruiting players. They broke into 3 figures a few weeks ago and can rely on over £500 a month revenue from here on in.

it turns out their success was down to a local outdoor event they held, for their club. They told us, the “although the event was for many clubs in the surrounding area as a sort of round robin competition, they found most of the parents and supporters there had their mobile phone with them.” A spokesman for the club said a few of us decided to walk around inviting people to join in the fun. “We simply went up to people watching the games and said, would you like to join in the race to 21? Most people were intrigued and after a brief explanation and informing them it was roughly a £1 a week and helped the clubs get a new kit, they joined on the spot, via the WhatsApp or Text link we sent.”

We doubled the participants and subscriptions numbers in 1 day!

So, if you want to grow your buster game subscriptions, it seems face to face is the way to do it.

Good luck this summer everyone and Happy Fundraising.

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