If you bust, your out of the current game. Like in pontoon, the limit on the game is 21. If you go over 21 when the nightly scores are updated in the game, then you BUST and will sit the rest of this game out. If you have more than one entry these carry on as normal. You BUST in only this game, and your ACTIVE entires will still be included in future games by your manager, so long as your payment subscriptions are valid.

The game switches to "Finished" status in your dashboard when a player or multiple players land exactly on 21. Its your responsibility as manager to clearly inform players of the prize pay-out, and that this will be evenly shared between multiple winners. The amount you pay-out is your concern, but to stay within the UK small lottery rules, £500 should be a maximum. You can decide to pay-out a range of prizes if you wish for 1,2,3 or even Winner and Wooden Spoon. FB takes no responsibility for your prize pay-outs. The game will be clearly visible online, until you "Restart" the next game, via your dashboard.

As the manager, be sure to join your own game to get things started. You can do this from your dashboard. Click VIEW GAME.

Your associates, supporters, friends and colleagues can join your game on the "Buster Game" page, shown above. They can access this page from the https://www.footballbuster.com homepage, with your 5 digit CLUB CODE, or via the link you send them, from your dashboard. When they visit your game page, they need to click JOIN, this will open the "Player Sign Up" wizard.

Following the steps enables people to create a player membership subscription for your game. They require, their personal details, a credit or debit card to setup the monthly subscription membership and their email address. Once they agree to the terms, and pick some numbers the FB system, randomly assigns them 2 random teams. The player will need to activate their account via their email address. Once done their teams goals will be calculated and their entry is LIVE. Players can enter as many times as they like, These membership entry payments will be repeated each month. The players can cancel their entries at any time via their own dashboard.

With FootballBuster "Catch Up", new or existing players can join in anytime. Invite players to join even when the game is in progress, to receive their teams goals tally since the game started.

The FootballBuster system, is completely random. So it makes no difference if you join the game before it starts, during, or towards the end of its completion. For example, if a player joins or creates another entry, when the leaders are on 18 goals after a few weeks, they have the following chance outcomes: They are awarded 2 random teams as normal, these teams, could (1) give them a lower score than the leaders or (2) give them a greater score than the leaders, putting them in the lead, (or win getting 21), or, (3) giving them a large score and they BUST.

In your Manager dashboard, you will see the CLUB CODE in the  "Game Details" area, showing you the CODE or direct URL (link) - you can copy and paste this code or  link, and paste it to WhatsApp, Facebook etc. OR write it onto one of our FREE posters. (request through the contacts page) These links are also available on the buster game page itself, and they are also available in all your player's individual dashboards, so that all people associated with your game can share the link.