As the manager, be sure to join your own game to get things started. Thats a simple question to answer! Let's do the maths.

50 players having 1 Entry subscription membership to your club game = 50 x £5 = £250 per month. Every Month. Minus your winners prize payout.

You can withdraw funds via your manager dashboard. As your players make membership subscription payments the available funds increase. This is clearly displayed in your dashboard in the "request withdrawal area". Simply click the "Request Withdrawal" arrow in the available field and this will send us a request to process. We suggest you request a withdrawal of all funds after each game is complete. The process takes up to 72hrs. Make sure to complete the clubs nominated bank account details so that we can action your withdrawal. Our team will check your withdrawal amount against the players subscriptions whilst processing.

In your Manager dashboard, you will see the CLUB CODE in the  "Game Details" area, showing you the CODE or direct URL (link) - you can copy and paste this code or  link, and paste it to WhatsApp, Facebook etc. OR write it onto one of our FREE posters. (request through the contacts page) These links are also available on the buster game page itself, and they are also available in all your player's individual dashboards, so that all people associated with your game can share the link.