We take all complaints seriously and always try to find the right solution, as quickly as possible. If you have a complaint, please contact us, by telephone or post. You can find these details on our contact page.

We will attempt to resolve any disputes or complaints that you may have in regard to our products or service, and its complaints procedure is as follows:-

First Stage

If you wish to raise any issue with us, then please email us using technical@footballbuster.com email address.

If you would rather to speak to a human operator, please call 0845 2260 192.

We will attempt to respond to all emails and telephone calls within 24 hours.

In dealing with any disputes or complaints we will ensure that at first instance you receive the name and status of the individual that will be handling your complaint.

Second Stage

If you have a dispute in relation to our products or service which you believe that Technology Direct Limited has not satisfactorily resolved at the First Stage referred to above. We shall ensure that your dispute or complaint is considered by a manager or supervisor.

Third Stage

If your dispute or complaint is still not satisfactorily resolved after the implementation of the Second Stage of our complaints procedure, you are invited to approach an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity. We agree to be bound in respect of any such adjudication provided by such entity in relation to your dispute or complaint.

Record Keeping and Reporting.

A consumer dispute can be legitimately pursued with such a service for up to 12 months following the date at which all attempts to resolve the dispute between the customer and operator have failed.

Technology Direct Limited will keep a record of all complaints it receives for a minimum of 2 years.