Getting your game up and running is really easy. Setup all the details in your dashboard, and make sure to join the game yourself when you are ready to kick off.

Getting players to join in, depends on a few things. The prize amount has an effect on people. So consider selling the “Sponsor Space” on your game page. You can upload a logo of the sponsor, in return for a cash amount. This can help cover the first game prize.

Lets say you sell the space to a club sponsor for £50, you could then make the first game prize pot £100 and you would only need 10 players in the game to cover the first prize.

As time goes by your fundraising efforts will recruit more and more players until the prize pot becomes only a portion of the overall monthly revenue. Set a target. i.e 50 players raises £250 per month. With a £100 prize pot, your raising £1800 per season!

Here are some tips to recruit more players, that work for other clubs:

Regularly post the club code, winners and league table on social media to engage people

Put up some FootballBuster FREE posters in your club or local pubs or places of work

Walk around with the poster on home MatchDays to raise awareness, as supporters can scan the QCode.

Have a winners award ceremony where you physically payout the cash prize

Encourage players to have multiple entries

Consider having a player drive, where each football player tries to recruit 4 family members.

Keep an eye on your active and inactive list in your dashboard to engage with players who drop out. These can be caused by card expiry as well as cancellations.

Local business like to support sports clubs if they can see genuine social benefits. Local press, bloggers, and TV may help you. Consider having a club meeting to see how they can help you promote your Buster Game.