FootballBuster is a race. Its a race to 21 goals.

The Aim – Each player joins a game as a playing member of a sports club or charity, they setup a monthly subscription to support their club. Each subscription gives them the chance to win the cash prize on offer. The system randomly awards them 2 pro football clubs. The goals those clubs score in forthcoming fixtures are tallied together by the FB system to provide a goals total. (This system is known as a Small Private Society Lotterylearn more)

Players in the game play against each other, with the sole aim of landing on 21 goals first. Whenever their teams play, they acculumate more goals. The system looks for fixtures each night and tallies up the goals at 11:35pm GMT. If one or both of the players teams play, those goals are added to the score. If a player lands on more than 21 goals during the update one night, they BUST, and are out of this game, and must await the next game starting.

Entry – The game you enter, has a “Club League Page”, which is unique to your sports club. The code for that club can be entered into the FootballBuster home page to visit that page.

Players, supporters and managers can invite others using this code.

Players pay £5.30 for one entry or £10.50 for 2 entires. These are member subscriptions, and they recur monthly. £5 of every entry is accumulated in the sports club dashboard and this can be withdrawn by the designated manager, who registered the game. This represents the funds raised by the club and the winnings are paid from this directly to players.

Results Updates – Games take approx 4 weeks to complete, so most clubs will get 12 games in per annum.

The system never stops, it uses English Premier & Football League pro teams results during the Aug -to- April months, and various leagues, such as the Japan JLeague throughout the 3 summer months. Cup games DO NOT count.

Games and Subscriptions are separate. When a game comes to a conclusion by someone winning. It can be restarted with 1 click by the game manager, and everyone involved will be emailed new teams, and start on zero again. The amount of games you can play in a year may be more or less than 12, depending on how many games are completed. So although playing subscribers pay 12 payments there may be 13 or 14 games throughout the year.

Prizes – The prize pot is set by the game manager of your club, it can be decreased or increased at anytime, as they have full control. If multiple players land on 21 goals after a nightly update, the prize is shared accordingly.

Cancelling – To cancel your membership subscription, you will need to login to your player dashboard and cancel the entrie(s). Your subscriptions will keep repeating until cancelled whether or not the club has games running. As a manager if you wish to cancel your clubs games, this must be done after the current game has completed. Simply do not restart.