Frequently Asked Questions

FootballBuster is a RACE! The goals are updated every night, not weekly or by rounds. So its completely the luck of the draw if your team plays before others.

Lets say I have Man Utd and Sheff Utd. I need 2 goals because Im on 19 at present. Sheff Utd have a fixture on Friday night before the weekend fixtures. So my potential outcomes are:

Sheff Utd score 0 or 1 goal, = Im still in the game, and waiting on Man Utd

Sheff Utd score 2 goals = I land on 21 on Friday nights update and I win the game.

Sheff Utd score 3 or more and I bust.

Recently banks have introduced more security checks when spending online. When you join your game through the subscription / card payment process, its likely you will be asked during the process to approve your transaction, or prove its actually you spending. The latest version asks to AUTHENTICATE your card. You'll need your phone and your banking App to do this. You may have done this through other retailers online too.

You do this by opening your banking App associated with the card you are joining with, and clicking approve in the notifications or pop up in your app. You can then return to complete the process. Quite often your bank mobile app may send you a push notification, which you can also click to speed things up.

Sure, if you joined a game via a link, sent to you on WhatsApp for instance to support a local club and your enjoying the game. You may wish to recommend Buster Games to another club, or you may even be an official in another club? Just go to the Manager Sign-Up page and complete the form to add a "Manager Dashboard & Buster Game" to your account. You can then complete the details within that manager dashboard, and start your own game, and send out links to a new group.

As a current Game Manager, join your own game or any other game, by visiting the game league page and click join to add a player dashboard to your account menu.

FootballBuster is a race. Its a race to 21 goals.

The Aim - Each player joins a game as a playing member of a sports club or charity, they setup a monthly subscription to support their club. Each subscription gives them the chance to win the cash prize on offer. The system randomly awards them 2 pro football clubs. The goals those clubs score in forthcoming fixtures are tallied together by the FB system to provide a goals total. (This system is known as a Small Private Society Lottery - learn more)

Players in the game play against each other, with the sole aim of landing on 21 goals first. Whenever their teams play, they acculumate more goals. The system looks for fixtures each night and tallies up the goals at 11:35pm GMT. If one or both of the players teams play, those goals are added to the score. If a player lands on more than 21 goals during the update one night, they BUST, and are out of this game, and must await the next game starting.

Entry - The game you enter, has a "Club League Page", which is unique to your sports club. The code for that club can be entered into the FootballBuster home page to visit that page.

Players, supporters and managers can invite others using this code.

Players pay £5.30 for one entry or £10.50 for 2 entires. These are member subscriptions, and they recur monthly. £5 of every entry is accumulated in the sports club dashboard and this can be withdrawn by the designated manager, who registered the game. This represents the funds raised by the club and the winnings are paid from this directly to players.

Results Updates - Games take approx 4 weeks to complete, so most clubs will get 12 games in per annum.

The system never stops, it uses English Premier & Football League pro teams results during the Aug -to- April months, and various leagues, such as the Japan JLeague throughout the 3 summer months. Cup games DO NOT count.

Games and Subscriptions are separate. When a game comes to a conclusion by someone winning. It can be restarted with 1 click by the game manager, and everyone involved will be emailed new teams, and start on zero again. The amount of games you can play in a year may be more or less than 12, depending on how many games are completed. So although playing subscribers pay 12 payments there may be 13 or 14 games throughout the year.

Prizes - The prize pot is set by the game manager of your club, it can be decreased or increased at anytime, as they have full control. If multiple players land on 21 goals after a nightly update, the prize is shared accordingly.

Cancelling - To cancel your membership subscription, you will need to login to your player dashboard and cancel the entrie(s). Your subscriptions will keep repeating until cancelled whether or not the club has games running. As a manager if you wish to cancel your clubs games, this must be done after the current game has completed. Simply do not restart.

Getting your game up and running is really easy. Setup all the details in your dashboard, and make sure to join the game yourself when you are ready to kick off.

Getting players to join in, depends on a few things. The prize amount has an effect on people. So consider selling the "Sponsor Space" on your game page. You can upload a logo of the sponsor, in return for a cash amount. This can help cover the first game prize.

Lets say you sell the space to a club sponsor for £50, you could then make the first game prize pot £100 and you would only need 10 players in the game to cover the first prize.

As time goes by your fundraising efforts will recruit more and more players until the prize pot becomes only a portion of the overall monthly revenue. Set a target. i.e 50 players raises £250 per month. With a £100 prize pot, your raising £1800 per season!

Here are some tips to recruit more players, that work for other clubs:

Regularly post the club code, winners and league table on social media to engage people

Put up some FootballBuster FREE posters in your club or local pubs or places of work

Walk around with the poster on home MatchDays to raise awareness, as supporters can scan the QCode.

Have a winners award ceremony where you physically payout the cash prize

Encourage players to have multiple entries

Consider having a player drive, where each football player tries to recruit 4 family members.

Keep an eye on your active and inactive list in your dashboard to engage with players who drop out. These can be caused by card expiry as well as cancellations.

Local business like to support sports clubs if they can see genuine social benefits. Local press, bloggers, and TV may help you. Consider having a club meeting to see how they can help you promote your Buster Game.

When you visit the login page - - you will see a pop-up alert if you are using an Android phone. Clicking that alert will add the FootballBuster app to your homescreen.

If you are using an Apple device, on the same page, click the share symbol on the base of your phone and choose "Add to homescreen"

If you wish to stop or pause your games, you'll need to wait until your current game comes to an end, and theres a winner. Once this happens, a "restart" button appears in your manager dashboard. Just refrain from restarting the game, and it will pause. HOWEVER (IMPORTANT) - Your players subscriptions will continue to be processed and the funds accumulated into your club account. So you will need to inform them about this, or ask them to indivually cancel their entries to stop the subscriptions.

They can always rejoin at a later date should you wish to restart your game.

As a manager you can restart a completed game, using the button that appears in the game settings area.

All funds will be available to withdraw, so you can deal with your players directly.

As the manager, be sure to join your own game to get things started. You can do this from your dashboard. Click VIEW GAME.

Your associates, supporters, friends and colleagues can join your game on the "Buster Game" page, shown above. They can access this page from the homepage, with your 5 digit CLUB CODE, or via the link you send them, from your dashboard. When they visit your game page, they need to click JOIN, this will open the "Player Sign Up" wizard.

Following the steps enables people to create a player membership subscription for your game. They require, their personal details, a credit or debit card to setup the monthly subscription membership and their email address. Once they agree to the terms, and pick some numbers the FB system, randomly assigns them 2 random teams. The player will need to activate their account via their email address. Once done their teams goals will be calculated and their entry is LIVE. Players can enter as many times as they like, These membership entry payments will be repeated each month. The players can cancel their entries at any time via their own dashboard.

With FootballBuster "Catch Up", new or existing players can join in anytime. Invite players to join even when the game is in progress, to receive their teams goals tally since the game started.

The FootballBuster system, is completely random. So it makes no difference if you join the game before it starts, during, or towards the end of its completion. For example, if a player joins or creates another entry, when the leaders are on 18 goals after a few weeks, they have the following chance outcomes: They are awarded 2 random teams as normal, these teams, could (1) give them a lower score than the leaders or (2) give them a greater score than the leaders, putting them in the lead, (or win getting 21), or, (3) giving them a large score and they BUST.

As the manager, be sure to join your own game to get things started. Thats a simple question to answer! Let's do the maths.

50 players having 1 Entry subscription membership to your club game = 50 x £5 = £250 per month. Every Month. Minus your winners prize payout.