How to get 100 players

We found out recently how a club using Football Buster to raise funds each month, were having so much success recruiting players. They broke into 3 figures a few weeks ago and can rely on over £500 a month revenue from here on in.

it turns out their success was down to a local outdoor event they held, for their club. They told us, the “although the event was for many clubs in the surrounding area as a sort of round robin competition, they found most of the parents and supporters there had their mobile phone with them.” A spokesman for the club said a few of us decided to walk around inviting people to join in the fun. “We simply went up to people watching the games and said, would you like to join in the race to 21? Most people were intrigued and after a brief explanation and informing them it was roughly a £1 a week and helped the clubs get a new kit, they joined on the spot, via the WhatsApp or Text link we sent.”

We doubled the participants and subscriptions numbers in 1 day!

So, if you want to grow your buster game subscriptions, it seems face to face is the way to do it.

Good luck this summer everyone and Happy Fundraising.


Sheffield & Hallamshire – Wellbeing Initiative

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA have partnered with local and national organisations to support, advise and upskill grassroots football mental health and wellbeing during the postponement in non-elite grassroots football and continue post the return of the beautiful game!
We believe now more than ever is important to support individuals and club’s mental health and wellbeing with the recent stop and start and postponements in football.
Samaritans are looking to host a range of focus groups with individuals from the local grassroots game including players, parents/carers, referees, and all volunteers!
The conversations and feedback will then support how development work carried out by Samaritans and The Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA will be carried out to support Mental Health & Well-being in Football.
If you are interested in providing your feedback and/or attending a focus group to help shape our work or just provide your feedback through a short questionnaire please - CLICK HERE

depression in football - Samaritans

Get on your football boots, your walking boots or your wellies and boot depression away!

Alongside this we are continuing our work around boot depression away!
Sports and activity such as football helps us to have good mental health as well as good physical health. The exercise, working together as a team and having fun simply makes us feel better. The theme for Mental Health week is Nature and playing football outside in the sun, rain or wind and having opportunities to be in outdoor spaces helps us to deal with stress and anxiety.
During Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, you are being invited to #connectwithnature and share what it means to you by going out and experiencing it, taking and sharing photographs and talking about it.

fundraising ideas

Managing your buster game and funds raised is a breeze!

Starting anything new can take some getting used to. But have no fear, in 10 minutes you will have created your first ever buster game... FREE! Once you've added a club badge so that your associates know they are in the right place when they visit, you can add a game prize. (you can edit this as often as you like, so that the prize can grow with participation). Your good to go, and send the link to you community of players, officials, members and friends. Join the game yourself via the JOIN link on the game page, so that they get the idea. Send them the video and FAQs link if you like. As your players join they are displayed in the league ready for the daily goals update by the FB system. All your funds are tracked in the dashboard charts and tables, and you can see the progress of the game in the progress bar. Once you've completed your first game, start another with one click.
fundraising online

Fundraising for the 21st Century — Technology & Grassroots come together at last!

When we started FootballBuster we wanted to create an online fundraising tool that could be used by everyone who had access to the internet. The FootballBuster games have global appeal because, lets face it, fundraising is a vital global tool of organisations that stand for good causes.

Whether thats a grassroots or amatuer football club, a ladies hockey team, a fun run group, a veterans charity, a disability endurance outfit, or a male voice choir... fundraising is a vital part of their survival.

However, FootballBuster is different, because it does the heavy lifting for you, even while your asleep. Its foundations are based firmly in technology and through its unique features all participants can engage with ease.

It stands for "helping the global community" to provide better resources, higher quality kits, better equipment, improved access, high level playing surfaces, care and support, and most of all, keeping it fun to use.

The Goal of FootballBuster is to raise over a £1Billion for needy organisations, help us achieve this goal by helping yourselves and your organisation to reach your true potential. Get started Today!  (not ready yet? learn more )