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Welcome to FootballBuster !

Play FootballBuster and Support your club. FootballBuster is available online & on mobile. FootballBuster games play out live daily using the real live football fixtures. Players choose 2 teams to score 21 goals before everyone else. Its fun to play and you can win cash prizes. Search for your local team and join in the fun. If your club doesn't have a BUSTER, create one in under 5 minutes!

  • footballbuster

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    Who will score your 21 goals? Be the fastest and scoop the prize.

  • Win the Cash Prize

    Support & Win! If your 2 teams score 21 goals before everyone else in the game - YOU WIN.

  • How Buster Works

    Pick 2 Teams to score 21 goals. Live results give you a league position, in your clubs game.

  • Buster Secure & Safe

    Safe and Secure

    Secure payments. Grade A SSL Certified. A quick debit card registration and your in the game!

  • Creating a Buster

    Set-up your clubs buster in 5 minutes flat. Proven to raise funds month after month.

  • Raising 10m

    FootballBuster aims to raise 10m for grassroots sport. Could your club use extra funds?